Monday, December 17, 2012


Christmas crafts,  a great way to decorate your house for the holidays without spending gigantic amounts of money! You can make lasting memories with your children by involving them in some crafting time...child made crafts may not be as pretty but they have so much more meaning.
If you are like me and pin adorable Christmas craft ideas as early as October onto Pinterest and then procrastinate about them until December! Well, you can forget about having those adorable hand made and memorable decorations!
You do get to make fun of yourself thanks to Mama Kat's Writers Workshop and 
4.) Share your top 8 favorite Christmas crafts you’ve seen on the internet that you might actually try if you had the time and the tools.

Mama’s Losin’ It 

 I fully intended to make a beautiful wreath to hang on the door...intended!
Homemade gift tags for the family...a lot better than store made ones right? Not this year!

#3: Homemade Ornaments
These I actually did make...unfortunately before they could be hung on the tree, baby Boogie spilled a cup of juice on them!

#4:Sock Snowmen
I have an obsession with knee socks, I had all the material for this one...except the rice filling! I kept forgetting to buy the RICE!

#5 Yard Decor
These would have looked so cute outside right! Not in 70 degree weather, I live in KY for goodness sakes where is the SNOW?!?!

#6:A whole season of Elfness
We do have and Elf On the Shelf...He/She did some fun things:
but...recently he has gotten kinda lazy...I had so many plans!

Make a star with tree branches, wrap it in lights, beautiful right?  Yeah if you actually do it!

#8:Christmas Card Holder
A wonderful way to show off those Christmas cards, and have a decoration for the house, well I made some but not as detailed...I worked with what I had on hand...

Ok ok ok I kinda failed at the Christmas crafting this year, but to make myself feel better and to show that I wasn't 100% lazy I did get a few things done!

 A nativity scene made by and with the kiddos!
Love the green wise man...Bubby!

See I wasn't that lazy!




  1. oooh, I love the snowman tag and yard decor! Ok, so I'm a sucker for a cute snowman.

  2. Me too! My Christmas wrapping paper always has snowmen on it! That or the characters from Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer!


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