Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two Shades of Grey...Bathroom...In Progress

We inherited our house from my sister in law.  My mother and father in law own the house and my sister in law used to live here with her husband and two kiddos.  My sister in law moved to another state about 3 1/2 years ago, to be closer to my father and mother in law.  At that time Jerm and I were looking for a bigger place; I was pregnant with baby Boogie and we needed more space! Thankfully they all decided that we should move in!  There aren't many places that offered a room for every one of our kids.  The house has 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, 2 living rooms, a full dining room and kitchen.  There is a room that is connected to the master bedroom that I assume was meant to be an office but we converted that to baby boogies room! We also converted the second living space into our "office"!

My sister in law had the kids/guest bathroom decorated in Sponge Bob complete with yellow walls and a blue ceiling!  It was adorable but since I couldn't find anything Sponge Bob anymore it really wasn't working, plus we noticed that the sub floor in that bathroom was messed up which was causing major problems. So we took the floor out, messing up the flooring as we went, since the bathroom needed new floors I decided to redo the whole room!
 Here are the new floors! The big black spot is not a sign that Davy Jones is coming after my bathroom, just where the toilet had yet to be returned to its spot. These tiles are actually vinyl, but they are thicker than normal vinyl tiles and the thickness allows for grouting.  I had no idea what I was doing so my dad showed me the way in one corner; then I finished it up.  I see a future with more of this tile in our house, not the same pattern but the same idea.

Now for those Sponge Bob yellow walls, I swear my sister in law had to have done some color match magic because those walls were bright! I wanted something neutral, I went to the local Habitat Store, hey I am fugal by nature, and found a beautiful grey color for a whole $3.00 for the full gallon! I primed the walls with some leftover white Kills paint, Kills paint prevents mold from growing; great for bathrooms!

I then did a paint test with the grey and realized it was a lot darker that I wanted.  I still had some leftover white from when we converted Boogie's nursery, yeah I still haven't finished that room yet! Mixing the white with the grey made a nice light color that I liked so all the walls were painted.  Jerm decided that he wanted the trim done with the original color of grey ( I was going to paint the trim white) but I do agree with him I like the dark grey with the light grey.

For some reason it has a yellow quality in the pic but I promise the walls are light grey!

The bathtub, sink/vanity, and the toilet are white so for the past week I have been working on some more white accents for the room that would also help with organization.

I had a toothbrush holder for all the kids, but they all like different toothpaste and it was becoming a pain to organize.  We have all seen those too cute Mason jar holders but that meant I would have to buy supplies! So using tin cans, I had already cleaned and painted white for a birthday party game. A drawer from an old broken stand and a little paint I was able to make a shelf and individual toothbrush/paste holders! 

The walls actually look grey in this picture!

There are two hooks on the back of the bathroom door to hold towels but the kids never use them.  So I decided that they may actually use individualized hooks!  Again, I didn't want to buy a whole lot so using items on hand, and buying only the letters the kids will hopefully now hang up their towels! I am going to buy 8 white towels and stitch each child's initial on two towels each...individualized towels still a work in progress.

  Now the walls look dark grey! I need a new camera!

Just for fun and to add a little more white accent I hung up a canvas with bathroom musts! I simply painted a canvas with the same dark grey the trim was done in, then using stenciled letters I painted the entire canvas white.  I got the idea for the words from Pinterest, my favorite has got to be Aim, with two little boys this is a bathroom MUST!

The bathroom is still in progress I still need to:
 *Cut, paint, and place the floor trim*
*Buy a new white shower curtain, maybe two*
*Finish the kids 2 towels each*

I love the grey on grey on white look and not only does it suit the kids, with all the fun individualized elements, but it serves as a great neutral guest bathroom! 
More pictures will come when I finish the whole thing up!