Me, My interests, and My not so little, little family!

Hey that's me!

Hey there, My name is Alishia and I am a 33 year old mother to four heathen beautiful children. Wife to the geekiest loving husband, Jeremy. Currently, I am working full time at the job I always wanted but never knew I did.  The life of a Police Dispatcher (Telecommunicator) can be stressful and taxing on family time, but it does have it's rewards! I started this blog back when I was still a stay at home mom.  Right now I haven't been posting as regularly as I originally was, but I hope to fix that soon! Thanks to pinterest I stumbled upon many crafty ideas, and many more inspirational blogs. I love to read and I absolutely love crafts, and anything to keep little hands busy. People tease me about my "bragging" about how much money I save, but hey I am thrifty and like to get the most out of our hard earned money.  If I can reuse, up-cycle, or get crazy creative with something old then I feel accomplished! Oh and I talk like crazy, most of my rambling is done about things I am interested or passionate about. I'm a nerdy mom and have a ton of fandoms that I am interested in, so brace yourselves! 

Jeremy (Jerm):

There he is, the superhero to my kids, and the love of my life!  This man will do anything for anyone, has a great heart, and puts everyone's needs before his own.  He is a little bit of a geek, a little bit of a gamer, and if he doesn't know how to do something, his first answer is GOOGLE it!

Monkey (Kid # 1):

   Monkey is your normal 14 year old boy, loves his sports (baseball) and loves his video games!  He is a super big brother, and a great role model to the younger siblings.  You can hardly ever find him in the house, he is always riding his bike, playing some kind of sport with his friends, and just being all boy.  This kid has a huge heart and is very sensitive to others, don't you dare bully anyone else around him because he doesn't tolerate it!

Bubby (Kid #2)

Bubby is the average 11 year old boy, he loves superheros and is super active.  He learned how to play all those X BOX games that his dad and brother enjoy, and sometimes he is even better than they are.  He isn't into sports but loves to run and play outside, but is content to play inside too! Fights with his big brother are a common occurrence, and he is best friends with his sister. You can hurt this kids feelings faster than anyone in the family, but the rest of us don't take to kindly to that!

Babydoll (Kid #3)

Babydoll is our crazy 10 year old, she loves to play dress up, play with baby dolls and Barbies, and LOVES to look and be told that she is pretty.  She will get all dolled up and be girly but in the next moment is getting dirty with the boys and wrestling with them in the yard.  She is an extremely shy little girl and it takes a minute for her to get to know you but once you have won her over, she is very trusting and oh so loving. She has daddy wrapped around her little finger tightly and is working on Lisha now!

La Petite ( Kid #4 )

La Petite is the youngest family member and at 6 she is showing that personality!  Music is her thing she hears it and she starts dancing, and singing! She loves to find "bideos" on the internet and there are a few families that she is always following.  The easiest kid in the neighborhood to get along with but if you annoy her don't get upset when she just walks away. She has the whole family in the palm of her hand, and she knows it.  All smiles and laughter make this little girl into a treasured member of our family, but watch out for that temper, its fierce!

Molly the rescue Pug 

This year we decided that we wanted to adopt a dog from the local shelter for the kiddos.  I went to the shelter while the kids were in school "just to look" and see what they had.  We wanted a dog that was going to be under 50lbs but that would be big enough to play with.  When I got to the shelter there were four pups that fit the criteria and for some reason this pug, well she just kept grabbing my attention. I was playing with the other dogs and they were all loving but I couldn't pull away from the I adopted her right there and then! We named her after the Weasley mom from Harry Potter and that was that! Molly is a great pup and a very loved addition to our family! 

Link the Australian Terrier

My aunt breeds a few different types of dogs, all of her dogs are AKC registered and normally sell for a pretty lofty price tag.  The last time she came to visit Bubby fell in love with one of the pups she had brought with her, so she gifted him the pup.  Bubby named him Link from the main character in the game Zelda and has been doing a wonderful job with the responsibility of owning a dog.  At first Molly wasn't too keen on sharing her home and family but two months in I think she is happy to have a buddy to play with.

My not so little, little family!

With the marriage between Jerm and I (July 21, 2012) we took two families and created one! Babydoll (Jerm's first marriage) / Monkey and Bubby (My first marriage) /  La Petite  (Jerm's and Mine together)!  You are either family or your not, was a saying that I grew up on, being from a blended family myself.   This family isn't a case of yours, mine and ours but a case of OURS we are all in this together, and we will all get though anything together with the help of each other and God.  Oh yeah, and our stubbornness, for some reason it seems like this family has a full amount of stubborn, almost too much at times!


  1. LOL!! I love your family! And mine happens to have plenty of stubborness to. runs deep, can be a curse and a blessing :-)

    - Lisa @

    1. Thank you, my family is my biggest blessing, and the main stress inducer but I love them! Yes, stubbornness can be a blessing/curse but hey you play what you were dealt right? LOL


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