Thursday, July 26, 2012

Well that was the quickest 24 hours ever....

Saturday was the wedding!!! It was a fantastic day, filled with a few problems but so much happiness! My children made me so proud, they did so well.   Everyone commented on how beautiful everything was, and how they couldn't believe that I made most of it. I honestly didn't have any freak out moments and just enjoyed the day with my closest family and friends.  I of course don't have any of the professional pictures back but I do have a few from some of the guests.  The honeymoon was a two day stay in Cave City KY we wanted to be close to the kiddos but still have fun.  KY has the largest cave system in the world called Mammoth caves, over 500 miles of caves...Jerm and I are very activity driven we don't want to sit on beaches LOL.  So here are some of the pictures from the guests at the wedding!!

Monkey ( our oldest ) walking me down

I really like this one

Master Key ceremony: each member of our family placed a skeleton key on a master key ring for our family, our version of the sand and/or candle ceremony.

First Dance

Mother/Son Dance 

Father/Daughter Dance

 Getting the garter!

Tossing said garter

Bouquet toss, these flowers were made by Hannah and Garrett 

Cutting the cake

Jenga guest book, flowers on basket are the ones that Hannah and Garrett made all by themselves along with the bouquet of flowers in the background!!

Card Box

Monkey all dressed up, so handsome!

Bubby looking too sweet!!

Babydoll my beautiful flower girl!!

baby Boogie looking adorable!

So that was our beautiful day, it wasn't the fanciest or the most expensive but it was perfect for us, and we enjoyed every moment of it!!

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