Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh My.....

The countdown is down to four days until the Wedding, I am a little stressed, a little nervous, and above all extremely excited!!!!  My oldest son and mom fly in on Thursday ( he was at grandparents house for the summer, and she lives in Oklahoma) , and her best friend will be driving in on Thursday also!!  The other day I took a break from wedding details and focused a little on this blog.  Well I came across a whole lot of other DIY, inspirational, and many other types of blogs on my break day.  I found a hundred and one ideas for crafts I would love to do, organization that I need to try, and just helpful hints for everything under the sun it seemed.  This morning I was looking around my house and OH MY......... My normally decently clean house, organized house is a total disaster and I have bunches of family and friends coming in FOUR days!! It doesn't help that I have been picking up extra shifts at work, to fortify us when I will be on vacation.

I am not going to let this stress me too bad, I am going to get the house in decent order and worry more about the wedding, and having a great time with family and friends.  After the wedding is a whole new story...I am going to go cleaning, organizing crazy!!!!  Plus the three older kids will be going back to school within a week or two which means I will have all the freedom to do this during the hours of 7am-3pm LOL well, the baby will be with me but it's never to early to learn!!!

I did find one tip that made me want to smack myself on the forehead in one of those "DUH" moments....full hands in and out!!  I work part time as a server/waitress (while working on my BA) at a widely known steak house and we do this at work.  When entering/leaving the server line you always have full hands in and out, basically always run food, and pre-bus tables.  Use this at home, anytime you exit a room grab a few items that don't belong in there, and take them where they belong, so you are constantly tidying up but not taking up too much time!!!  I have done this today while doing everyday activities and you wouldn't believe how much has been picked up.

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