Sunday, August 6, 2017

You Say Nightstand, I Say Bedside Table...

The DIY Re-Purposed Bedside Tables
Molly the Rescue Pug poses for a picture! 

My master bedroom is a mix match of furniture, odds and ends that have been given to me or have been bought over the years.  The dressers, wardrobe and vanity are all stained mahogany but don't really match in any other ways. I used to love full framed beds but I have recently decided that I prefer the simplicity of just a headboard. At the start of the year the hubby and I purchased a simple gray fabric headboard and I started re-decorating our master bedroom.  I chose the colors gray, white and teal because they seemed to be more neutral than many other colors and not too feminine or masculine. I love the mis match of the furniture but there is a downfall to not purchasing a matching set, we didn't have bedside tables. So, I scoured the internet for fun or different ideas for bedside tables.

There are so many non traditional bedside tables out there, when you cruise the pages of the internet!

 I found this page ( ) while pursuing the idea on Pinterest.  I love the idea of taking something old that isn't used and turning it into something new that is useful.  I didn't have an old desk but not long before finding this idea my dad had asked me if I wanted an old  vanity table, he had two that he didn't need and wondered if I was interested. I called my dad, asked if he still had the vanity and then explained my idea.   

I'm a big dummy and forgot to take a picture of the vanity before we altered it! However, I was able to find a picture online of a vanity that was very similar in design. First my dad took the mirror off and put it aside for use in something else on another day.  The middle section was simply cut off  in a straight line. 

The vanity we were using was ironically stained mahogany, there were some bad spots and honestly I wanted something that would pop against my wall and headboard.  I decided to paint the two tables, but first I had to sand them down.  Here are my tables sanded down and ready to be primed.

I used two coats of the Kilz brand Latex primer to prime the tables.  My dad always reminds me that if you use an oil based primer you must use a oil based paint, and same goes with the latex.  I like latex paint because I feel like it makes for an easier clean up job. 

For the main color I choose a Rust-oleum semi-gloss white indoor/outdoor latex paint, again it took about two coats of paint before I was satisfied.  The handles that were originally on the vanity were a nice classic design but they were brass colored.  I decided to use the Rust-oleum gray textured indoor/outdoor spray paint.  I have used this spray paint on cabinet hardware before and they held up great! After all the coats of paint were dry I used Rust-oleum semi-gloss spray lacquer to seal it all and make for an easy clean in case of spills. 

Here they are as a finished product! I love they way they pop against the gray headboard and I love all the storage the drawers provide.  They may not have a lot of room on the top surface, but I actually like that.  If I have too much surface space I will clutter it up with a lot on nonsense!

I absolutely love the new master bedroom colors and the way everything is coming together.  I never re-do an entire room all at once, I like to get bits and pieces done here and there.