Monday, July 17, 2017

Adding Fitness To My Life and the Title

Where have I gone, what have I been doing and why wasn't I updating my Blog.  Well, ladies and gents the answer simply was that life became hectic and there just wasn't much time to do anything.  Life often gets in the way of so many of our simple joys, and we have to just keep going forward and hope to get back to them; eventually.

Life has slowed down a bit and the summer is coming to a fast close, which means that I will once again have a bit more free time.  I plan to get back to blogging and start keeping this updated on a more regular basis.  I still love blogging and I missed it terribly.

This past year, fitness became a huge goal for me.  I wanted to become fitter, healthier and just happier about my looks.  I am in no way overweight, as of January 2017 I was 5'6 and 135 lbs.  However, I wasn't really all that healthy.  There is a phenomenon known as skinny fat, it's basically when you have a thin frame and build but you are in no way healthy.  How can you be skinny and fat all at the same time, how does that even make sense? Skinny-fat simply refers to the levels of lean muscle mass and the amount of body fat, having too little lean muscle and too much body fat gives you this look. I somehow have this ultimate metabolism that devours everything that I eat and drink.  Working as a second shift Police Dispatcher means that I would eat a lot of unhealthy fast food, and it contributed to my un-healthy obsession with Monster Energy Drinks. My unhealthy diet and lack of exercise is what created the skinny-fat look for me! 

Here's an example of the hubby and I before we started hitting the gym and making better choices about the food we ate. Here I am at skinny-fat. I am in no way shamming any body style, I like to encourage people to be happy with themselves. I wasn't happy, I wanted more muscle, I wanted more strength, and I wanted to FEEL healthier! 

Since January of this year, I have been hitting the gym on a very regular basis, 4-5 days a week.  My diet has changed in many ways and in some not so much.  I make a conscious effort to eat healthier now, but I am not on any strict diets, so to speak. I use supplements but nothing crazy, pre-workout for the energy boost and protein to help with the recovery.  I am in no way an expert, I am learning this as I go, I have a goal in mind and I feel like I am on the steady path to reaching that in 7 months I have not hurt myself! I lift weights, I am trying to build strength and muscle mass and I know what my limits are!

There are so many body styles out there, too many to name and even more ways to achieve them. I have a mental image of what I want and I am steadily striving to reach it. Some people are going to tell me, eventually, that I have too much muscle or say that I may not look feminine to them. This isn't about them or their opinions this is about me feeling great in the skin that I am in.  This is about the journey I took finding my flaws and working hard to improve them. The journey of realizing that I could absolutely love myself, flaws and all, while still trying to change them.

I'm not going to get into detail, in this post, about the actual journey and the steps I have taken. For one, it's too complicated and would take too long plus I have a few posts planned out for that.  I wanted to get back at blogging and I wanted to explain that fitness will now be included in this blog as it's become such a huge part of my life.

I have some crafts up my sleeve, some rants that need to be ranted and just some more of the posts that have always been included in this blog. Sit tight and I hope you all enjoy all the old plus all of the new!