Friday, July 27, 2012


I was cruising on Top Mommy Blogs last night looking at some of the different DIY Mommy blogs out there, for inspiration, ideas, and just something to do while my household slept and I suffered from insomnia.  I found the cutest idea on a child's toy, ran it by Babydoll this morning and we created it tonight after dinner!

Here is the link to the original blog post but I am going to show how we made ours too!!

Forget about the old school too adorable sock monkey ( I love them and all my kids have a couple of them) make a new, fun, and adorable Soctopus!!!!


  • Sock (we used knee high socks) I have A LOT of knee high socks already ( I have a weird obsession with them) but we went to Target today and found some really cute summer colored ones so we bought those. $2.50....$1.25 per Soctopus
  • Stuffing...I have a baby crib bumper we don't use so I just used some of the stuffing from that, but I bet cotton balls would work perfectly fine (to prevent you from buying anything) going to try that with the next one!
  • Pipe cleaners (optional)....have loads of these but you can buy them at the Dollar Tree or any craft section for super cheap.
  • Needle and could just tie it off with string but I wanted to keep it stuffed as long as possible.
  • Pom Pom's...again I had these on hand but you can also find tons of these cheap.
  • Felt...a marker would work, or any kind of fabric or string, be creative with what you have on hand
  • Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue.....I like the durability it offers, but again try anything you have on hand!

First I let the kiddos stuff the toes of the sock with the stuffing:

They stuck around for a little while after this then ran off to play Barbie meets Batman (long story) shortly after! LOL

I then used a running stitch to secure the stuffing in the toe of the sock, I just ran it around the base of the stuffing a few times, pulled tight and tied it off:

I then used a pipe cleaner to measure how long I needed the sock to be, Hannah ran away with the bottom part of the sock and wore it as a bracelet for rest of the evening :)

I cut along both sides of the sock to separate it into front and back panels:

I then layered the top and bottom panels together and cut the sock almost to the neck line, making four long cuts, totaling out to be eight long strips.

This step is optional, you can glue pipe cleaners into the eight strips so that your Soctopus will have bendy legs, I had pipe cleaners on hand so I went ahead with it!


At first I was running hot glue along the pipe cleaner and then folding the strips around it, but I kept burning myself, and was getting glue all over my cute polka dot acrylic nails (I normally don't get my nails done, these are from the wedding) so I changed it to a dab of glue at the top, twist the fabric around the pipe cleaner a few dabs of glue along the way and one at the end...much faster, and less painful LOL

Wrap the legs around your finger to make them fun looking, add pom pom eyes and a cute little felt mouth and there you go your very own

I had fun making it, remember the kids abandoned me early on, but when I was done the kids loved them now we just have to think of some names! :)

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