Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tie Belt...inspiration comes from strange little places!

When my crazy bouts of insomnia hit I will sometimes watch TV, read, play on the Internet or do  anything that I think may make me eventually get tired.  I have been watching Netflix recently and a show called Pretty Little Liars, not the best of television, but I like one of the character's (Spencer) personality and snarky comments.  I like to watch shows after a few seasons have aired so I am not waiting for the next season, I'm not always very patient.  Anyway while watching this show I realized that one of the characters (Aria) has a pretty cute wardrobe and during one episode she actually wore a mens tie as a belt.....well I loved it! I knew that I could figure out a way to make that. Really didn't think about it too much, Jerm doesn't wear ties, actually I have never seen him in one ever!  Today Jerm was kind enough to allow me a couple hours of free time which translates to a little bit of "retail therapy"  I was at a thrift shop and happened to notice a section of mens ties sitting right next to a section of belts.  Well here goes nothing..I am going to attempt it, and if I fail well I only spent $1.50!

Found this belt $0.50 I don't like the belt at ALL but I did like the little circle at the end, thought it looked fun and would function well with this project because it would loop through.

 I found this tie there was a very large selection, but this one just kept catching my eye.  I really liked the color scheme! 

I detached the little circle from the end of the belt, this will show you what kind of closure it really is.

Running the thin end of the tie through one side of the circle, pull it all the way through until you have the length that you want.  I just kept holding it up around my waist until I got the length that I needed.  Pin the tie next to the circle then again at the end of where the two sides meet.  The rest of the (skinny part) of the tie is hanging off the table, out of view.

These little red arrows show where I pinned, then later stitched the tie, to itself allowing for a decent hold.

Here is a picture of the tie, fastened as a belt.  I am thinking with a cute sweater dress, maybe with a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt, honestly I am not sure yet.  I just really wanted this as a belt!


Here is what it would look like if you fastened it on the side of you hip VS the front of your waist!

Well I hope that was easy to understand, and I am sorry if it isn't but tonight is one of those nights where I get to fight sleep Yay...I am thinking that if my sewing machine and I ever get on good terms that I may stitch this all the way down, or with a neat threading design but for now easy and fast were the way to go!

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