Sunday, November 25, 2012


 I saw these fun looking Christmas card display boards on Pinterest (and of course I cant find the pin now) but the way that they explained making it seemed a little costly. I wanted them, but I wanted them cheap, and be able to use what I already had around the house!

The original said to buy Canvas, and fabric but those things can get a little expensive depending on where you buy the items, and what quality they are ect. ect. ect.

I had thin foam poster boards I found at the dollar tree for $1.00

I had planned on doing something else with them, the other craft failed! I knew I could find some use for them, so they stayed tucked away until today.

I have four of these boards but I wanted three smaller ones so using a big exacto knife carpenters blade, I cut two of the boards down to the size I wanted.

Hmmm they tell you to cover the boards with fabric, what do I have around the house that says Christmas, and doesn't cost a lot? Wrapping paper! I had two rolls of coordinating wrapping paper that I didn't end up using last year.

I just wrapped the foam board with the wrapping paper, stapled it down on the back side, and stapled some ribbon to them. Now they can hang on the wall, patiently waiting to be covered in Christmas Cards! *hint hint*

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