Sunday, December 2, 2012


Our Elf On The Shelf or should I say elves (Toby/Twinkles) have been having some fun! Instead of posting everyday, I decided a weekly update would be more fun. I am new at this so most of my ideas have been inspired by others but hey my kiddos don't know that!

Day 1:
Toby brought Christmas ornaments and appeared on our tree!

Day 2:
Toby got a little tired on the flight so he had a little help from Bubby's helicopter!

Day 3:
Toby likes extreme sports, no repelling in the house!

Day 4:
The kiddos were behaving really well so Toby brought some fun Christmas coloring sheets and new markers!

Day 5:
Twinkles decided she wanted a turn (for the story of our cross dressing elf click HERE)
The other toys threw a parade for Twinkles!

Day 6:
A lesson in snow angels and some powdered doughnuts for breakfast!

So that was week one for us.  Like I said you have more than likely seen these ideas already but everyday the kids were super excited to see what our elves had been up to! The little letters from Santa have really helped the kids reflect on bad choices they may have made, and receive praise for the good and great choices they make each day!

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