Monday, May 13, 2013


I am a thrifty momma, with kids these days you have to be.  I tried the coupon thing...didn't work out so well.  Don't get me wrong if I happen to notice a coupon for something that I buy, I do cut it out and most of the time use it before I loose it. When I have to buy the kiddos clothes, shoes, or anything else I shop around before I commit to paying for it.  I will go to every store that I know sells what I am looking for and find the most reasonable price.I brag about how much money I SAVE! I have a few friends who brag about how much things cost, that is so not this momma's attitude.  The more that I can get for mine and Jerm's hard earned money the better I feel.
The other day while cruising through Pinterest I stumbled onto a pin that led me to a Blog that just may change mine and my daughters wardrobes for life!  The blog enabled me to accomplish this!
Ok it doesn't look like much right now....but I will show you the magic in just one moment!
First let me introduce you to my inspiration.  She has been on TV, and has an inspiring blog!  You have to check out her blog, I could tell you all about it but honestly it will be so much better for you to see it for yourself. Warning: I spent an entire night trying to catch up of years of blog posts I am addicted!
So my little re-fashion was for baby Boogie, why because she is tiny and being the youngest of four I have a lot of "out-grown" clothes from her older siblings so this was a free craft.  This was not my first attempt, my first two are only worthy of anything with the words craft FAIL included!!
I found an adorable shirt that Babydoll outgrew last winter. It isn't a very thick shirt and other than the fact that it has long sleeves would be great for the summer.  Plus I love the print, not too girly but fun!
So I took out my scissors and cut off those long sleeves the weather is finally warming up so we don't need them!  When I cut off the sleeves, I went along the hemmed lines...why? So I wouldn't have to hem them later!!
The new sleeves were still a little to wide for what I wanted, so using a running stitch I cinched them in a little.  Then I took a couple pieces of the sleeve (that was cut off) and tied them up!

This dress was now in working order, still seemed a little plain to me. I snazzed it up by cutting three strips of fabric from the left over sleeves...
Then using a running stitch again I turned them into RUFFLES!

There you have it! My first (non-craft-fail) re-fashion! Baby Boogie has worn it once so far, but she seemed to like it just fine! The length was perfect and the weight of the fabric is light enough for her to play outside and stay cool! Plus she looks too cute in the little dress even though she never likes to stand still long enough to be a decent model!

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