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My kiddos start school early in August which means with the end of May fast approaching, Summer Vacation is looming it's big ugly head! So what do we parents do when Summer is coming? Prepare, Prepare Prepare! Your kids will now be home all day!!! Summer Vacation is already about to be put on the bad word list and it hasn't even arrived yet! Ok it's not that bad, but seriously we need to PREPARE!
Schools out for summer!! I bet that song will now be stuck in your head, it's ok it's a great song!

I am no June Cleaver and with four kids home all summer I am scared, shaking in my flip flops scared of what this summer may bring! I decided I needed to be prepared, and made a June Bucket List to help me on my way!!

This particular list is for June only, but that doesn't mean that we won't be using it through out the summer.  I need some organization around my house but I want some Fun too! Normally during the summer we try to get out as much as possible and Jerm and I want to spend as much time as we can with the kiddos before School comes and steals them away again!


# 1.) Make individual bucket lists!

Tutu's and Tantrumn's  utilized the Bucket list with her kiddos by letting them pick the things they wanted to do this summer, and write them on a Popsicle stick.  I love the idea, but I want to tweak it just a bit.  The three older kiddos are going to each pick five things that they want to accomplish, places to go, or things to do (with-in reason) that they can attach to clothes-pins and put on their own personal buckets!
#2.) Chores need to come have been missed (by me)!
The older kids used to have chores but somehow we got out of the habit of them and everything fell back to mom and dad.  This has got to stop, the kids need to help out.  With the way things look now with most the kids gone during the day I shudder to think what it will look like all summer if we allow this to continue. So I am making new chore charts and including some new ideas on how to keep this going...starting in June!
#3.) Saunder's Springs...hiking, picnic, and learning!

Our family visits Saunder's Springs Nature Reserve as much as we can but normally it is spur of the moment and we mostly just walk the trails and enjoy the weather.  This year I want planned outings picnics, nature walks, ect....are you catching an organizational theme yet?!

#4.) Summer School!?!


Bubby had some problems this year with Reading he was 17 points behind grade level at the end of the year testing.  In Math he was 21 points above grade level, but that Reading score is causing some concern for Jerm and me.  Bubby is a smart kiddo and I know that he has it in him to pull that score up so this summer we are going to work towards that goal.  Babydoll is moving to first grade so I am going to work with her to prepare her for the next year.  Honestly Monkey has always tested above grade level in most subjects and has report cards that are full of A's and high B's so we will just review so he doesn't forget anything over the summer.  Baby Boogie is going to learn the Alphabet some counting and how to use the potty!!
#5.) Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!!


Our city has a pool/playground that is open to the public.  The playground is fantastic and my kiddos love going there, and what kid doesn't like a pool?!?! We always plan to go several times a summer...but it doesn't seem to ever work out like that.  This year we are going to go as many times as we can starting on opening day in May and letting June set the tone for the rest of the summer!
I know that it doesn't seem like much but the June Bucket list involves a lot of organization and planning to accomplish.  I want to try and take pictures of each item as we accomplish them or partake in them..we will see. 

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