Friday, October 5, 2012

The Itsy Bitsy Spider....

My Kiddos love crafts...they know that on Friday nights I normally have some kind of craft project or game for us to do together.  Sometimes we don't get to them or sometimes the behavior the kids exhibit prevents us from having rewards.  With Halloween right around the corner, I started looking for crafts that we could do together, and found these fun little spiders at Micheal's.

 ( From left to right Monkey's, Babydoll's, and Bubby's spiders )

The little kit makes 12 little spiders and includes everything that you need to make them other than the glue.  I let the kids glue them together with regular Elmer's glue, but they weren't holding together really well.  After the kiddos went to sleep I just added a little hot glue to hold them better.

Monkey working hard!
(Pic Monkey has Halloween edits and yeah I was playing with my pictures)

Crafting requires focus, just look at Babydoll's face!

Bubby refused to let me take his picture.  My kiddos are a little camera shy sometimes!

Baby Boogie didn't get to participate with the craft due to small beads and other items that could have ended up in her ears, nose, mouth and any other body part.  She did have fun watching and was happy to take a picture!

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