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Writers Workshop...share your earliest childhood memory!!

 There is a blog that I have recently started reading (like it's crack) , I mean honestly I think I have been  reading this blog more than I have been working on my own for the past week.  The author of the blog (Robyn) has been blogging for a while so I have about a years worth of posts that I have been catching up on.  Anyway before I ramble on, and you have no clue what I am talking about.  The blog I have been reading here links up with another blogger who hosts a Writers Workshop.  This mommy blogger (Mama Kat) gives 5 topics that you can choose from each week and there you really I mean it go...get working on that blog post! LOL

    I decided that I am going to give this a shot because:

  1. I haven't made any crafts, or have any other ideas
  2. My house is a mess, and I don't want to even think about it at the moment.
  3. Finally, all the kids are sitting together watching a movie quietly...for now 
* This isn't my earliest memory, honestly this was the first thing that came to mind, so I am sticking with instinct*

 Now I am probably showing my age here, but how many of you remember the reading program in Elementary school?  You know the one where you read a certain amount of books, get a sticker to put on a pin, then turn the pin in for a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut?

Who doesn't love a personal pan pizza...for a child!?

  Well if you have not a clue what I am talking about...the program was called Book It!! I loved Book It, I was (still am) an avid reader. This program was perfect for me.  I got something free, for doing something that I already loved to do.  What could be better than that????

Tell me you didn't think that this was the coolest pin ever...if you say no, your lying!

 Later in years (4th grade year for me) my school decided to switch programs, this new program was called 600 minutes.  You had to keep a log about what books you were reading, and how many minutes you read each day. After you completed the program (600 minutes of reading, within about two months) you were given a free ticket to Six Flags!! Don't get me wrong I liked Pizza but you have rides, games, fireworks, and pizza at Six Flags!  Now for an avid reader (like me), who could and often did/does read an hour a day, this was cake. I mean honestly I was that nerdy kid that had The Babysitters Club books delivered to my house!  

Please tell me I wasn't the only one who read these books, and then tried to start my own Babysitters Club?! Right?

So within ten days this kid was done! I was so excited to turn that paper log in, I knew I was the first kid in the school to do it....yeah a little nerdy show off dancing was part of the process.  My teacher, after looking at the paper, told me that my mom must have signed off on a fake log, that there was no way that I was already done!!  Come on lady I am part of the school AR group (advanced reading) are you kidding?!?!  I was so upset, my teacher called me a "liar" in front of everyone (basically), I had told everyone I was done, and now they all thought I had lied!  The teacher refused to take my log, and told me to really read this time or I wouldn't be getting a free ticket.  My mom was PI$$ED!!  She complained but it did no good, so she made me a fake log, a month later we turned it in with a lot of BS 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there kind of entries.....yeah great job teacher, way to make children proud of their accomplishments there.

The teacher was a great teacher, I just think that she honestly didn't think that a 4th grade child would read an hour a day!  I think my teacher was really just trying to keep me honest. Come on fess up, you know that there are parents out there who do their kids homework, or even lie about it.  She probably thought she was teaching my mom a lesson in honesty too! 

My first roller coaster The Texas Giant!
Tallest wooden roller coaster in the...US at the time!
I laugh about it now, and it didn't scar me for life.  I still read like crazy, mostly in the bath when the kids are asleep.....heck my bathwater gets ice cold and I never even notice it sometimes.

Talk about reading in the bath!!
I need one of these *hint hint* Jerm

This takes reading in the bath to another level too!

* I found all the pictures on Pinterest, some went to actual sites while others, yeah to nothing!*

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  1. I was so addicted to those books too!!! I also read all of THEM as fast as I could get my hands on them, and like you, was accused of being dishonest. Really? How could we not read what the girls were up to and dream of being like Claudia!!!! They still do Book It in our schools, I think it is a GREAT program!!! My daughter turned out to be a reader liker her mama and knock a book out in no time!

    1. Glad I wasn't the only one who looked up to those girls, I had a special affinity with Dawn because that is my middle name, I loved her laid back style,and how she always stuck up for herself and Mary Ann. My oldest son is a lot like me when it comes to books too. I read somewhere(go figure) that children who are read to by their parents, and see their parents reading often are more likely to enjoy reading!

  2. I read those books too :) We love teh summer reading program :) the kids now do it and love it too :) my kids love to read. i dont think an hour a day si really that excessive. my stepsons read more than that.

    1. Yeah I never thought that it was excessive either, ha thought that is what every kid did! Maybe it was an early sign to my closet-dorkiness that would be harder to hide later on LOL


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