Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wall Art for Baby Boogie

Like so many of my previous DIY posts start....I was cruising on Pinterest, and I found some adorable wall art made out of toilet paper rolls.  I like to save money, I like wall art, and this was very cute, and super super easy.

I had the perfect wall to hang it on, and I think it looks pretty good!
I cut each toilet paper roll into multiple 1/2 inch strips.  Played with the design that I wanted, then hot glued them together.  You can use regular Elmer's type glue, but that takes longer to dry.  After glue is dry spray paint it, and there you go Wall Art!


When you glue it together, make sure that on the bottom side, all the rolls are level.  If they aren't it won't hang very level!

I got about eight strips per roll.  I had friends save some for me too, and the rolls for different brands tend to all be 4 inches in length.


  1. I've seen those, that's so cute!

    1. Thanks I originally wanted to try and make an Eiffel Tower, she has a French theme in her room. But yeah, it looked like a church or an oil rig LOL

  2. That turned out so well! I might try that for the nursery - it'd be nice to hang something up that wouldn't break or crack somebody in the head if it fell down. :)

    1. Thanks! I have seen better ones on Pinterest, but one step at a time! :) Yea, our kids knock each other into the walls a lot (I mean bump into walls) I didn't think about that plus side of the wall art!! BTW Love your blog! (Think I spend more time reading yours than I actually spend working on my own)


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