Monday, August 20, 2012

I mustache you, do you like......Coffee?

Coffee...who doesn't love coffee, especially when it is in your favorite mug?  I found the cutest coffee mugs on etsy the other day.  I wanted a set of them but they were sold.  I had also seen a tutorial on pinterest on how to paint coffee mugs.  I have seen the ones where people use sharpies, and know that they don't last so I decided to try the painted ones.

 The cute ones I found on Etsy!

I went out to a local thrift shop and found two white coffee mugs, they didn't match but I liked that about them!  They only cost me $.50 each so they were definitely worth $1.00 total.  A friend of mine was thrown a baby shower that had a mustache theme to it, each invitation had a cute little mustache that you cut out then brought with you to the party for a prize giveaway. (I think) Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the baby shower thanks to everyone plus one taking off work that same day. The last weekend before school starts is not an ideal time to finally do that family outing you planned for all summer bunch of procrastinators!! LOL  So I cut the mustache out then taped it to the mug using regular masking tape, I then traced the mustache onto the mug with a plain old pencil, and removed the paper mustache after.  The pinterest tutorial used porcelain painting pens for their mugs, but my local Micheals was out of the pens, and I have no patience so I bought a container of brush on paint.  The brush on paint was limited in color but I found a really really dark green and bought it.  Ok I will be honest, the company is a foreign one, I couldn't figure out what the colors were (the shelves were out of order getting ready to be restocked)  and I thought that it was black LOL  The paint cost a whole $1.50 on sale and well was worth it.  I used a fine tip brush to paint it on (and if you make many multiple layers of the dark green, allowing each to dry in get black yay!!)

The porcelain paint I used it is called Vitrea

I then allowed the mugs to dry for the instructed 24 hours, and then let them dry for another 48 because everything got crazy around this house for a couple days, thanks school paperwork that I have to fill out for all the kids even though they go to the SAME school.... and all that information is the same.  Then I placed my mugs upside down in the oven at 320 degrees (the bottle gives you the Celsius temperature, so I had to do some major math skills get on Google and have them calculate it for me) for 40 minutes, then plus an extra 15 because that is when Boogie decided she wanted to wake up from her nap, just as my oven timer was going off!  I then placed them in the dishwasher and washed them.  Jerm and I have both used ours, and washed them a couple times in the dishwasher and they still look like this!

Aren't they cute?  Especially for a grand total of $2.50!!

I do think that I should have trimmed the mustaches down a bit, but Jerm and I just started really drinking coffee everyday thanks to the new coffee pot we got as a wedding gift.  I know how did we survive before? (Monsters Energy drinks!!!) So I didn't have a lot of mugs and wanted to try this, they are not as perfect as I would like them to be (you still see a little green around the edges) but I am going to buy the pens and try some other designs.  I want to work out all the kinks, I think personalized DIY coffee mugs would make great Christmas gifts to Teachers and others, and I have four months to work on them!

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