Monday, August 20, 2012

I got my first award!!

First off I want to thank Mama  @ for nominating me for this award, go and check out her blog!

I was super ecstatic to realize that another blogger from the Top Mommy Blogs awarded me with this award!  This is my first award so it's pretty dang cool...ok there I go showing my age again.  Honestly I have no idea what the kids say anymore!

 And now for the rules:

1. Include the award logo in a post, or on your blog page.

2. Answer 10 questions about yourself.

3. Nominate other fabulous bloggers.

4. Link your nominees to your post and comment on their blog letting them know about the award.

5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

Now, for the Q & A...

1. What would you most like to change about yourself?
 I expect way too much from my children sometimes.  I tease them that they came out of the gate strong so now I have high expectations, but I know that I need to let up sometimes.  It is a work in progress, but there has been progress!

2. What is your theme song?
Avril Lavigne "Complicated"  I sing this to myself when I'm too worried about what others are thinking, and I am not acting like myself.

3. One part of your life, a memory, action, etc., that you wish you could surgically remove from your brain.
I had an appointment once to meet and adoption agent to help me give a child up for adoption, it never went farther than that. To this day even making that appointment haunts me every time I look into my child's beautiful smiling face!  I am pro adoption, but I can't believe I almost gave up my baby because I didn't think I could raise another child by myself. I did!

4. What generation do you wish you had been a part of?
The 1920's loved the fashion, the music, everything!


5. What was your favorite childhood toy?
Gizmo my stuffed animal cat, I have had this toy longer than I can remember!  He has gone through many surgeries, but he is still with us, I have to fight my children off him all the time!

6. What is your favorite housecleaning chore? 
Organizing, I love to organize things even if they don't always stay that way in this household!

7. Do you twitter?
No I am afraid it would be another thing that suck me in...I think I have an account though LOL

8. Any goals?
I want to finish my BA in education, but the fear of going into serious debt then not working as a Teacher scares the tar out of me.  It doesn't have the best getting hired chances in my area at the moment, and I would hate to have a BA in education but do something totally different with it!

9. Do you drink margaritas all the time?
No tequila and I don't get along, it turns me into a mean person.  Then again, I really don't drink much, if we go out, I may have a sex on the beach though.  Ha ha I was the DD for my own Bachlorette party!

10. What is the ugliest car you've ever driven and were you embarrassed to be seen in it?
For awhile when I was in between cars and a single mom with two kids, my dad let me use the 1987 Mercury Grand Marquise that my great aunt had willed to him.  She only drove it to church and wal mart but really??? This car was almost as old as me, and I was driving it in 2006!  I called it the "ghetto sled" LOL Then the transmission decided to go out during a 12 hour road trip, lets just say I kicked this car for years!


Now to nominate a few people who I think deserve this award:

 Lisa @
Jennifer @
Eliza @

There were a list of other blogs that I think deserve the award, but I am not the only person who feels that way because they already got it! LOL

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