Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ribbon Flowers and Aligator clips

I have been using this tutorial I found on you tube to make a lot of Ribbon roses and just thought that I would share the video.  I will, and have been using them in a lot of crafts, and since I used someone else's video to learn, why would I make my own this way she gets the credit for showing me how lol. Sometimes I use ribbon and sometimes I just cut fabric into strips of ribbon, with the fabric you have to hem the edges or glue them so you don't get the little frayed fabric, but I like the frayed fabric look sometimes.

I used some of the flowers recently to make hair clips for the wedding but you can easily make these for any little girl in your life for any reason.  I have two little girls so I know that making hair clips is A LOT cheaper then buying them!!!

I used alligator clips on the back of the bow and flowers to turn them into a hair clip, but who wants to see a shiny silver hair clip on the back of a pretty flower or ribbon?  I found a video tube, yup you guessed it on how to cover these little clips, now in the video she only covers one side, but I do both sides basically repeating the process for the top side on the bottom side.  I just like it that way better.

Now have fun saving some money on girls hair clips.....goodness knows we spend tons of money on them as is :)

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