Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY Tutu Dress

My wedding has a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme, I know most people use it for bridal shower themes and what not, but I have always loved Audrey Hepburn!!! I couldn't really have a My Fair Lady theme, so I went with Breakfast at Tiffany's. I found this adorable tutu dress inspiration on pintrest and just knew that I had to make it for my youngest daughter Boogie to wear to the wedding.

Very Breakfast at Tiffany's!!!!

I found this wonderful no sew tutorial on youtube that I used for inspiration on how to make a Tutu, and just made it a little longer than you would make the normal Tutu.

  • Tulle...I was going to buy it at Wal Mart but I found rolls of black tulle (10ft) at Micheals on sale and it was cheaper, plus I only had to cut the length not the width!  ($8.00 total)
  • Ribbon...I used one of Boogies little summer dresses for measurements (already had this)
  • I added a black satin under layer that I just sewed to the ribbon after adding all the tulle, I thought that the tulle may be too itchy for Boogie and that she wouldn't like wearing it.  Now it is super soft. ($3.00 a yard) I also used the left over fabric to make the ring pillow!
Total cost: $11.00
I simply followed the instructions from the video, added the layer of satin and there you go Boogie's wedding dress was done!!!

I love how the light allows the under layer to show through, and it looks like a sleek little black dress underneath!!! 100% Audrey Hepburn LOL

OH and we cant forget the little shoes that she will be wearing with the dress!!!

I have a thing for converse!!

Here she is on the wedding day, she wore a layered pearl and ribbon necklace, and a Tiffiany Blue ribbon hair clip with the dress but not for long so I cant find any pictures with the full out fit Yet LOL


I got some more photos back and I found this one, Boogie is a little under two, and not a model so of course my pictures aren't as perfect as the inspiration.  I still get compliments on this outfit all the time, you could really see it better in person!

You can see where the tule wasn't fixed and the necklace was coming off, but honestly with this kid I was just glad she wasn't taking her clothes off down the aisle!!!


  1. I am so glad you like our dress. If anyone is interested in purchasing one from the original company that made it it can be found at


    1. I have now added a source to the picture that directly links back to your etsy site. These dresses are amazing and I love giving credit where credit is due but, I think you might want to watermark your photos. Not one of the Pinterest pins I saw of this dress ever linked back to your site. If I could have found the site we may have purchased it VS me making it. Your dresses do seem reasonably priced, but the way little baby boogie tore hers to shreds I may have been upset afterwards. LOL Then again she is under 2 and likes textures so that may have been a large part of the destruction. :)

  2. I would Never buy this dress from atutudes. much too pricey when I can make it myelf. well done mama for making it work!

    1. Thank you! Like I said before mine may not have been as fancy as the inspiration, and sure didn't look perfect on the Wedding day but my baby girl is only two. I was in another room when she was walking down the aisle and was still able to hear the ooohh's and ahhww's of the guests so to me that said success :) and $11.00 talk about a kick butt price tag!

  3. Do you remember the length you had to cut the strips? Do you think an adult could make it For an adult?

    1. I simply measured a little summer dress that she owned then cut the length twice that size. If the length of the dress was 15 inches I cut each strip 30 inches long. (about two inches wide) I am sure that you could use the same process for an adult! You would just have to buy multiple yards at one time to get the long length. (it is always better to make it too long and cut away length, than make it too short) With an adult you definitely want to add a layer of fabric under the dress, or have them wear something strapless and maybe a pair of shorts under (these dresses are not too modest LOL ) If you do make an adult version I would love to see it!!!

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