Friday, July 6, 2012

The Ring Pillow

I needed to make a pillow that matched the flower girl basket and I wanted to do it cheap, so I started looking for pillows that I could cover.  If it came down to it I knew I could actually make the pillow itself but I really didn't want to. I found a pillow that was intended as a baby decorative pillow and thought that it was the perfect size, plus it was only a dollar so all good on the cheap front. :)

Thrift store pillow before:

  • Pillow $1.00
  • Fabric...I found a pretty black satin for $3.00 a yard and I bought a yard and a half of it, but  because I need it to line Boogie's tutu dress, that tulle is super itchy!!
  • Ribbon, this I have a huge supply of due to everything that I am using it for but I used 22 in of 5/8 inch ribbon (Tiffany Blue) @ $2.50 a spool (10 ft spool) ...and 13 inch of 3/8 inch ribbon (White)..also leftover but $2.50 a spool.(10 ft spool)
  • Fabric Rose that I made myself 
  • Needle and Thread
  • Hot glue gun and glue
Total: $4.00 but that is including the fabric, and I am using most of it for Boogie's dress liner.

I started by measuring the pillow then I cut the fabric with a two inch hem line.  The pillow has this nice edging so I simply sewed the fabric straight to the pillow around this edging.  I flipped the pillow over and then repeated the process.  I probably could have found a better way to do this, but I hand sew, my sewing machine and I have issues.....we need therapy!! This was the easiest way for me that doesn't include making basically a pillow case...too much room for error on my part that way!

Fabric sewn directly to the pillow:

I then wanted to add the ribbon accent to the pillow. I am having a really hard time finding this color ribbon in anything wider than 5/8 inch so I thought that if I sewed the ribbon in two pieces side by side that would give me the wider look that I was going for.  I meant to bunch the ribbon in the middle but yeah it was late and I forgot to and didn't think about it till the hot glue was down.  I sewed the ribbon on one edge, then hot glued it across the pillow then sewed the other edge.  It was easy and gave me the look I was going for...well sorta LOL without the scrunching. 

Ribbon accent:

We are not actually tying the rings to this pillow, too many chances of problems.  They may come untied then we have to hunt for them, they may get knotted up...ect.  I wanted the little ribbon ties though so I used my 3/8 inch white ribbon and simply hot glued it to the center of the pillow.

Ring Ties...that we won't use :)

I made a rose using some leftover white Satin fabric then hot glued it over the ring ties to give it that slightly elegant and finished look.  I am really getting good at these roses you should have seen my first few attempt ha ha.

Fabric Rose added for a finished look:

I am really pleased and proud of my DIY Ring Pillow and Flower Basket, I honestly will get ideas in my head about how to make something and sometimes they are a little disappointing as a finished project but then sometimes I am wowed that I actually made that....they come out way better than I thought I could accomplish.  These two projects are a surprisingly wow did I really make that project!! :)

Flower Basket and Ring Pillow:

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