Thursday, June 21, 2012

A little storage

My crafting corner is tiny!!!  Thanks to some couches that I would really like to get rid of, our office only allows me a small corner of space.  I have a shelf and some really deep drawers in my desk but I still needed more storage.  I found an old shoe holder thingy that I no longer use, and hung it from the ceiling using those eye hooks.  Then I put all my little odds and ends in baby wipes boxes, ( thanks to baby Boogie we have tons of those) and taa daa storage!!!  I know that I could just buy the refillable packs for the original baby wipe box, but they always seem to dry out, and besides I need those boxes LOL!

It doesn't look very full but believe me I have a box for every space, most of them are currently on the dining room table because they hold supplies I am using for the wedding.  Yes our dining room table turned into wedding central recently!!  I might buy a couple more of these shoe things and hang them side by side, I only paid a couple dollars for this one about two years ago!

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  1. Good idea! I wish I had the space to hang those up lol.


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