Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day Gift

Homemade gifts are a big hit in this house, so for Father's Day I cruised Pinterest to find a crafty, simple and touching gift for Jerm.  With the kids ranging in age I needed something that they could be a part of, but would look nice too! Then I found this.....

Well I didn't have any little chalkboards...well that would work for this project and I really didn't want to go out and buy one....but I did have one of those little boards that the kids use a magnetic pen to draw on then you slide the bar on the bottom to erase so.....
I asked each of the kids why they love daddy, Monkey-because he is a great dad, Bubby-because he is fun, Babydoll- because he is sweet, and Boogie is fascinated with her daddy's belly button so hers says because you have a belly button.  I had them pose with the board, took the pictures, printed them at wal mart for a little over a $1.00 then bought a 11x13 (or something like that) frame for $4.00.  I took black card stock and glued it to the sample photo that was in the frame, and glued the kids pictures to it.  (use acid free glue so the pictures will last) Using more card stock I made the little heart that says "Daddy we love you"  Jerm really liked his gift, and it is sitting on his dresser so he can look at it every day!

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