Thursday, June 28, 2012

Great Photo's

I have a great friend who's hobby is photography...she loves taking pictures and she is amazing at it.  Well, my friend Ms. Emily is also modest I keep telling her that she needs to make a website or blog to show off her stuff but meh she won't do it so I am going to do it for her.  She used little miss Boogie to practice with one day and showed me three of the three hundred that she took in like a 30 min time frame!!!

Boogie is still doing physical therapy for her tendon problem so she is still walking on tip toes but I love her smile in this picture!!

Yes Boogie is trying to eat a flower thingy....but that is as far as she got, it never actually went into her mouth :)

I was kinda worried at first because I hadn't mowed my yard that week, but I looking at the pictures I like the fact that the grass was a little high in the pictures!!

So there they showing off the talents of Ms. Emily, she has no training or anything she just loves to take pictures, I think she has some amazing talent!!!

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