Friday, June 8, 2012

Wedding Invites DIY

So I decided to make my own wedding invitations...figured how hard can it be?  I already had most of the stuff I needed to make them thanks to making my own save the dates, so I could tackle this right....well it was a little more complicated than I thought but hey I do have wedding invites :)

I really really wanted one of those pocket fold invitations, but when I was looking at the supplies that I would need plus the cost, well it really didn't seem like I would be saving that much money...I like the idea of DIY not only because it adds a personal touch...but I am cheap there I admitted it LOL!!!!
 Playing on Pinterest one day I came across the inspiration of my wedding invitations.

I liked how simple these were but very elegant at the same time....well mine don't look quite like this because I honestly started running out of time, so I tweaked them a little. I found these adorable little cards at Micheals ( I need to buy stock in that store ) that were on sale for $1.00 a pack and then with the coupon I had it knocked it down to like $.75 a pack, each pack contained 10 cards and 10 envelopes.
Well using most of the supplies that I had used for the Save the Dates....minus a few and add a few I started out!

Ok I obviously didn't need the magnetic sheets, or the photo tabs, ( already had this photo, and forgot to take a pic of supplies for the wedding invites)
Add this great little gluing tool, some blue card stock, the new cards from Micheals, and clear brads, and I was READY!!!! I'm Ready!! I'm Ready...ok I watch too much spongebob!

I cut a small half circle in each of the new cards, only through the first page, I traced a Mt. Dew lid with pencil to get the exact size and shape I needed.  This would make a kind of pull tab opening for the invites.
I then glued each card on the right side and bottom, to make a little pocket (that is where that gluing tool came so handy!!
I then made a HUGE mistake, taking all the extra cards I had from the save he dates (I only needed the envelopes) I cut them to size....don't do this it won't fit in a home printer, or at any printing store.  I had to buy office depots card stock to have my invites printed then cut them down to size....all that cutting would have been awful, except for that great cutting tool I have!!
Great cutting tool!!!!

I stamped all the cards, blue card stock, and invitations, took a few practice runs on all those left over pre-cut cards until I found what I liked the most!

Excuse the black heart, it was covering our address :) Again I forgot to take pictures of the process but you can see the corners of the envelopes were stamped, the front of the card was stamped, and the blue card stock had that beautiful key design that I have fallen in love with!!
A better look at the actual invitations, and the key design!  I used a little brad to attach all the pages to the invite, it gave it a little swivel affect plus allowed the RSVP card to be easily detached and mailed back!
Back of the invitations, shows how the brad is attached, and allowed for easy removal!!

Ha ha the RSVP card, I saw this idea on a wedding bee thingy, and just loved the DIY idea of an RSVP card, but I wanted instructions to make it clear, plus that little addition at the bottom fits my sarcastic personality to a T!
And Finally the back of the envelope W is for our last name...well my soon to be last name LOL

Wedding Invitation packet addressed and ready to be mailed out Whoo Hoo!!!!!!

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