Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why am I up at 3am.....

So when I was a kid I loved the movie Pocahontas, you know the Disney version with the cute little humming bird, and adorable, loveable raccoon named Meeko.  Well, racoon's are not adorable or loveable outside of Disney!!! We have a raccoon that is destroying the house, just to get inside the house.  One of my cats already suffered injuries due to fighting this animal off!  Every time we close up an opening it finds a new one.  I know that they breed quickly, I need to find a solution fast to prevent this animal, or animals from getting in my house! Animal control, and the Wildlife people won't do anything about it, and I doubt that an exterminator relocating it will solve the problem due to just more coming back.  Jerm walked into the living room one night to find it sitting there on the floor so he proceeded to take apart my broom, attach a kitchen knife to the end of it with Gorilla tape, and believe that he could spear the animal. I do have to say that seeing Jerm go all cave man was quite entertaining but I knew that it wouldn't solve the issue!  I don't want to kill it, just prevent it from getting into my house!!!

Poor Baby Kitty:

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