Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vacation Time!!

July 2011 Jerm and I went to Cumberland Falls KY, oh my it was one of the best vacations I have been on!  We went hiking, swimming, site seeing, and just spent three days and two nights together children!!!! Of course we had to find baby sitters for all those lil ones, four baby sitters for four kiddos! LOL

We stayed at the Cumberland Inn, it is ran by the local college and many of the students work there, great prices, super comfy rooms, indoor pool, and hot tub!

Oh did I mention that the hotel had a free taxidermy museum?  I know it sounds weird but it was actually pretty interesting!

It also had a cross museum, with a very large collection of crosses and other religious items, this was free also, the local college that runs the hotel is a Christian College.

The hotel lobby was beautiful and they offered free breakfast, real breakfast not that cold cereal and bagels stuff.

We need to go back sometime during the Fall or Winter I mean check out that Fireplace, so cozy!

We traveled to a couple places during the three days we were there.  Luckily a friend of mine is a teacher and has taken kids on a field trip to this area.  She had a whole list of places to go, some we did, and some we will have to go back and see.

Cumberland Falls National Park:

We actually got lost hiking...on a TRAIL! ha ha

We visited Levi Jackson State Park, there were a couple things to see there, and it was a very interesting step back into time.  Jerm and I both love history and we received a couple history lessons here, and we were out in nature at the same time, perfect!

McHargue's Mill:
(building is a reproduction, but all the working mill pieces are original and date back to 1773, they grind corn mill there still today)

Defeated Camp Burial Ground:

Original Pioneer Homes and other buildings were turned into a self guided museum tour, that took you back in time.

We are living in Kentucky, so there was no way that we could pass up visiting the very first KFC ever!

Hey look it's a sign!

Some KFC memorabilia:

Wish these prices were for today:

On the day that we were going home we planned on visiting Cumberland Gap State Park in the morning then making the drive home that afternoon. (Only a 3 hour drive)  Unfortunately, that was the day that it decided to rain, so Cumberland Gap was cut a little short.

Cumberland Gap, you drive through the mountain in an underground tunnel:

We enjoyed our vacation so much I think that we might go back there for the Honeymoon this year, it was very relaxing and the one on one time we were able to have was amazing!  Oh by the way the day that we got to Cumberland Ky Jeremy asked and I said......


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