Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sanders Springs

Our family is big on nature, we love to be outdoors and like taking walks, hiking, swimming, playing in the yard ect..  A friend of mine ( Ms Emily) loves to take photos, she had recently bought a new camera and needed test subjects.....she gets to practice with her camera, we get to be outside on a beautiful day, and I ended up with some fantastic shots of my family. (Babydoll was at her mom's house that day so there are none of her...darn it)

How many people does it take to put a baby carrier on Jerm?
I refuse to wear these things, and since Jerm said he would Cheryl thought it would be funny to buy us an extremely girly and PINK one!

The boys playing in the water:

Love how Bubby's feet are not touching the ground in this picture!!
 Such cute little baby piggy's (toes)

Jerm almost hit Boogie with a tree when he turned too quickly and too close to the tree!

love this silly picture

My baby boy, looks so sweet.

My favorite picture of Boogie and I.

Pretty Baby!

Jerm hates to take pictures, but I think he looks great in this one!

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