Saturday, June 29, 2013


Three simple ingredients, no grating, and cheap...perfect laundry detergent!

The Inspiration!

All you need is:
3 Tablespoons of Borax
3 Tablespoons of Washing Powder 
2 Tablespoons of the Blue Dawn

Mix the Borax, Washing Powder and Dawn in a microwave safe container, add four cups of boiling water and stir the mixture.  

Why did I say microwave safe container...well because if you buy a cheap container to use as a dispenser for the laundry detergent and then add the boiling water well...this happens!

Jerm, Monkey and I laughed our butts off watching this happen, luckily the container was in the sink so it didn't even make a big mess!

After the mixture cools, place it in the container you wish to use (gallon size) and fill the container with cold water.  If you add the water at an angle the mixture doesn't bubble as much.

Use 1/2 cup to 1 cup per load. I paid a total of $8.00 for the ingredients and each box contained 3-4 LBS of powder while the detergent only uses 3 Tablespoons per batch of each!  The blue Dawn only used 2 tablespoons and Dawn lasts for a while in my house! See super cheap!  I have washed a few loads of clothes and they have all come out super clean and smelling so fresh. It's a nice clean smell!!

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