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Happy Father's Day Jerm!
Today is Father's Day, a day to celebrate all the wonderful daddy's out there that keep the children under watch, relieve the mommies from too much stress and simply make all our lives that much better.  Reading all the great comments that people have been writing about the dads in their lives I realized that dads are smarter than us moms! That is right I said it! I have never heard one dad put another dad down because of the way they are parenting.  I have never, not once ever heard or seen them dicourage each other.  Mommies on the other hand do it all the time!  Proof that the dads are smarter than the moms, they know that encouragement is the key to surviving parenting!
What do we mommies fight about?
Working mom..Stay at home from home mom?
Family dynamics are so different from each other. Many factors influence rather or not mom is going to need an income.  There are options for a mom who needs an income she can look outside the home for work, or she can find a way to work from home.  I have worked outside the home, been a sahm and there was a time that I only worked outside the home for two days a week allowing me to spend the rest of the week with my family. Then there are the families where mom doesn't need to work, so she doesen't or she does.
Breastfeed or Bottlefeed?
I breastfed my children, for different amounts of time.  They were also all bottlefed with breastmilk and formula.  There were reasons for this, some medical, and some were financial.  I did what I had to do.  All of my kiddos have pretty great immune systems, I think they are smart, and they are all at the weights they should be.
Co-Sleeping or Independent Sleeping?
While I was breastfeeding my kiddos slept with me, because it was easier.  When the kiddos switched to the formula I put them in their cribs. I also only rocked my kiddos to sleep occasionally if they were sick or I just wanted some one on one cuddle time.  Most often I would lay them in their crib and they would go to sleep.  If they were cranky and cried I would pat their little backs and either make hushing sounds or sing.
Only Child or Siblings?
I have four children, three that I gave birth to and one who I have been blessed with through my marriage.  I was an only child and couldn't stand it, I always wanted siblings.  My kids argue, they fight and they drive my husband and me insane.  They also love each other, stick up for each other and have adventures together.  I was spoiled with time and materials because I was the only one in the house. My kids don't get as many material items and sometime Jerm and I have to work hard to ensure we get that one on one time with each child.
Attachment Parenting or Something Else?
Attachment parenting is all over the media recently and honestly I have no clue what it is.  I know that it was created by a Dr. Sears and it encompasses his 7 Baby B's.  I just stumbled though everything with my oldest son, and use what I learned with the following three kids.  Some things I changed and some I still use.  I also noticed that what works for one kiddo doesn't always work for them we do what we think works.
Home School or Public/Private School?
My kids go to Public School, two different School's for now.  Babydoll attends one in her mom's area, and the boys attend our school..both are ran by the same county.  I like the Schools, the Teachers and the way things are ran.  I also believe that it isn't just our Schools that should be teaching our children I believe parents have a role too.  You don't blame your macanic when your car breaks down because you didn't keep up with the maintnance! I work with the kids during the summer on things that they learned the year before, and things they should expect the next year.  I want to pull my hair out sometimes while working on School work and could never do it all year.  My kids would grow up to be idiots because I would quit!
So you see we do things differently and you have your reasons and I have mine.  Do you think that my kids are being deprived in some way or form?  Am I a perfect parent....heck no!!! I send my kids to school in missmatched socks because no matter what I do we never have enough matching socks. My kiddos get angry with me and I get angry with them.  Our house is sometimes spotless and visitors allowed! Jerm and I love our babies, they are some of our biggest joys and yet sometimes we put ourselves first and do something nice for ourselves (mainly our yearly 3 days vacation just him and me) Then there are the times that Jerm and I go without something to ensure that the kids have what they need, or sometimes just something they wanted.
Ladies all I really wanted to say...or beg is please "live and let live" lets take a que from those daddies and encourage each other to make the choices that fit our own families, the choices that will make our families thrive.  I will never agree with everything that you do, but I can agree to be positive, uplifting and supportive of what you do.  As long as your kids and my kiddos are not neglected or abused then there is nothing that we are doing wrong.  Child specialists are specilists who do not live with you, know you, or know your children....but mom does so listen to your gut!
Happy Father's Day're smarter than us on this one!
(there that was your gift for the day)


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