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Straight from Mama Kat's Weekly Writing Prompts I give you:
 15 Reasons You're Awesome
Mama’s Losin’ It

Well, sort about 15 Reasons I am an Awesome Mom!
Now I am going to add a little here..every parenting style is different, every family, and every child requires different lifestyles, and different decisions.  Although we may parent differently it does not mean that either of us are wrong. So some of the things I say or do while parenting my kiddos may not work in your household...but they work in mine.  Please play nice!

I play dress up...not only with the play clothes that we have in the house but with my own beauty products.  Baby Boogie has learned to come running when she hears the sound of my blow dryer.

Sarcasm Wars
Monkey used to not understand sarcasm, and his momma is extremely sarcastic!  We used to tease him that he was just like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory...and just like Sheldon he slowly started to understand sarcasm. Now he and I will have sarcasm wars! 

Pinterest Meals
My kiddos love when we try out new food's.  so, I started pinning meals on Pinterest and I actually started making them.  We have some index cards that hang from a ring in the kitchen that we call our Pinterest Meals.  Sometimes the kiddos get to pick their favorite ones for a whole week of our favorite tried and true pinterest meals.

Working Mom
I know that I miss some things while I am at work, but I think that being a working mom shows my kiddos to work hard for what they want in life. It also shows them that you can have a family and still have a career. They also know that I love my career and they are all very interested in what I do. 
*nothing against stay at home moms and dads..I tried it..just wasn't for me*

Not an evil Step-Mom
Babydoll has a different Mommy, but I am her Lisha.  When Jerm and I began to get serious I worked hard a creating a loving relationship with my Babydoll.  Luckily she was too little to go to school and the boys were in school.  During the school hours Babydoll and I had a lot of one on one time that helped us cement our relationship.  I also get along with her mommy famously...she even helped me make many of mine and Jerm's wedding decorations!

Active Mom
I take an active role in my kiddos lives, I meet their friends, their teachers and anyone that they have a lot of contact with.  Not because I want to know everything about them, I just want to have a good idea of who they are around, and who may influence them.  I grew up with some friends whose parents didn't always know my name much less what kind of kid I was...I just don't feel comfortable not knowing! I also try to be at everything that my kiddos find important, it doesn't always happen but the kids know I try!

Good Wife
My marriage is the reason that I have the family I do, with out my marriage I would be missing people that make my life so perfect for me.  The way that I treat Jerm shows the children what a marriage should be.  The kiddos see us argue (not fighting, no yelling or name calling allowed) but they also see us work out any disagreements we have.  They see us hug, kiss and know that marriage is about comfort and love!

I haven't sold the baby on E-Bay
I have helped raise 3 kiddos before Baby Boogie and I used to work as a pre-school teacher but no child has ever tried me as much as Baby Boogie! She is a handful and a mess! I love that little kiddo with my whole heart but sometimes...phew she can wear me out!

Explain the whys!
As I kid I hated hearing "because I said so" and as an adult I still can't stand to hear it.  I explain to my children why...I answer the whys because I believe if they understand why something is not allowed or why we do things a certain way, they will learn more quickly and behave better.  Every action has a reaction kind of teaching.

I'm a Baseball Mom
If any of your kids are in any kind of activity you understand why this is so important! I play taxi, find and wash uniforms, find lost equipment, and bring the snacks.  Monkey is always there at practice and the games, plus I keep my mouth shut.  I trust my sons coaches, so when he is in the dugout he is theirs...if I didn't trust them we wouldn't play for them!

Tricky Tricky Tricky
I like to play jokes on the kiddos, and I have a strange sense of humor! I will walk by my oldest look at his laptop screen and tell him to stop looking at porn! He is not looking at that stuff, we learned our lesson about parental blocks when he Googled a word he heard on the bus and it lead him to a site like that! I know that people wouldn't agree with that but sex has become an open topic to discuss with him since that incident.  He now comes to us with questions and not google. Besides he laughs every-time, and just shakes his head.  I will tie the kiddos doors together in the mornings, give them funny things at random times.  We like to have fun, being a mom is about teaching and raising but you can have fun too!

Single Mom
I am no longer a single mom, but I was for several years.  It was tough, there were nights where I would cry after they boys were in bed because it was so tough. I missed a lot of time with the boys, and I tried to explain to them, in ways that they could understand, why I was always away.  I was working and attending college but I managed to pay all my bills and keep a 3.83 grade point average.  Being a single mom taught me what real quality time was.  Those dinners together, playing in the backyard, laughing and singing in the car on the way to the babysitter.  My boys remember a little about that time and I remember a lot but in the end they were good years.

Video Gamer
I suck at video games, I used to rock at Super Nintendo but X-Box has too many buttons on the controller! I try, and Bubby loves to play video games, so I try harder!  I can tell you the main characters names in his favorite games, and I can tell you when something new is coming out. I am decent on the kinect, and can rock out on Guitar Hero. I have even encouraged them to go to the midnight releases of the newest favorite games.  So while I may be a really bad gamer, I earn points for being an awesome gamers mom.
Use the kiddos as Guinea Pigs!
I use my kiddos as my "testers" the test out the new foods, the diy projects I want to try for myself, and anything else that I can think of.  They don't seem to mind too much and well we can't afford real testers so the kiddos will have to do.  Only problem is that their feedback is not always reliable and sometimes just plain limited!

I love my family!
I know that this should be a given, but let me explain.  In my career I come across a lot of events that make me wonder where the love is in these situations.  I love my kiddos and my husband for who they are, individually and I would never change anything about them.  My husband is stubborn and you really have to prove him wrong, but he is a man worth the effort. Monkey is getting at that age where he thinks he knows everything, but to see his compassion for others makes me melt.  Bubby is the quiet one, but when he speaks it is important and you want to listen, and his smile is heartwarming. Babydoll will push push push to test her limits, but the affection she gives is contagious.  Baby Boogie, well she is a two year old terror but hearing her little voice as she discovers the world around her is like hearing music.

There you go the 15 reasons I think I am an awesome mom! You may agree with them and you may not, and you may realize that some of these were silly and some were very real.  Now think about what makes you an awesome mom, and remember that everyone of us has our hard days but in the end we have everything because we have our families!

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  1. Fantastic list! Yep, you're awesome, all right!

    Oh, and I TOTALLY rock at Guitar Here, too!

  2. Why thank you thank you *as I bow* LOL it was actually a fun list to come up with, and not narcissistic at all!


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