Tuesday, May 28, 2013


In my search to refashion clothes for the girls in this family I have found lots and lots of  T-shirt refashions. T shirt refashions tend to look pretty easy, and who doesn't have bunches of T shirts laying around the house?

Baby Boogie showing off her style, and not choking the kitten, today will be a good day!

I have recently been working tons of over time, but I wanted to try out a T shirt refashion, so I skimmed my Pinterest boards and came across this amazing and simple looking idea.

I have tons of T shirts but no plain ones.  I didn't think that this would look right with any designs on the shirt , and frankly I wasn't ruining my Batman or Captain America shirts.  You can't cut those guys up!  I found a purple turtle neck that Babydoll has outgrown and never really liked wearing ,she loved the color but the turtle neck annoyed her.

This needed a few alterations, the turtle neck and the sleeves needed to be gone.
With the sleeves and the turtle neck cut off, I just had to follow the directions on the blog.  I had planned on altering my pictures to show you how this was done but my photo editor hates me, and well you can go back to http://wobisobi.blogspot.ca/2012/07/no-sew-halter-3-diy.html for all the directions!

Basically you are cutting a V neck out of the front, then cutting two squares out of the back.  It really is such a simple DIY refashion and it is NO SEW I know some people love to see those two little words!

Here is Baby Boogie modeling the front of the shirt, I put a cute little blue jean skirt with it, well because it was the first bottom cover I could find that was clean. 

Here is a close up of the back.  The turtle neck has one of those printed tags on the inside of the shirt and you can just see the little bit of white on the left sleeve but it's not a big deal and if it starts to bother me I could always cut it off.

This refashion really took me no time at all. I am serious it took me a total of maybe 15 mins, the toughest part was getting Baby Boogie to stand still and model the shirt for me!

Now I need some plain t-shirts in Black, White and Dark Purple, for ME!!

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