Sunday, May 5, 2013


Did you miss me, I have sure missed you!
Where did I go? What have I been doing? Did I forget about my blog?
My family was blessed back..back..back in October.  I was hired at a local police station and started my career as a Telecommunicator...fancy name for I am a Police Dispatcher! It is kind of ironic, I grew up with a mother who not only volunteered for many years but worked as a Dispatcher herself.  I grew up around my hometown Police Station and even became a Police Explorer when I was in Middle School and carried on until I graduated High School.  Why didn't I think about this career right away...honestly I have no clue..after 6 months I love it and know that I should have done this a long time ago!
So after a time of on the job training I was sent to school! Apparently Kentucky is one of the very few states that requires their Dispatchers to go to an academy.  I spent 5 weeks at the Kentucky Dept. of Criminal Justice Training. It was a great 5 weeks. I made some great friends, did really well in class and felt a lot better about going back to work with all the new knowledge!
When I came home it was a lot of work getting used to the new schedule, working around the kids, and baby-sitter options.  Jerm and I FINALLY got everything figured out about the end of March! The end of March is Bubby's Birthday and Babydoll has one that is mid February so with all this going on we threw a joint (family only) quickie party.  The super amazing theme on this one...wait for it...Green and Pink, well because those are the favorite colors of these two! Amazing isn't it?!
I realized that Baby Boogie has photo bombed almost every picture of this impromptu Birthday Party...I can't stop laughing!
April brought in Easter, Spring (which translates to dang now I have to mow the yard and pretend to take care of it) and Baseball Season!!! I love Baseball Season, I don't watch baseball on TV much, and don't really attend any college or pro games. Monkey's games.....I am at every one that work doesn't interfere with! Monkey has been playing baseball since his first year of T-ball and that means he has been playing for 5 years (counting this season)!  We switched the area that we play for this year, the first four were played in a different area.  We found out that they weren't sanctioned and it just didn't seem like the kids were learning anything! I am much much much happier with the new team we are playing for! They are sanctioned, they taught the fundamentals till the kids could play with their eyes closed, and finally they do talk to the  kids about mistakes but they don't brow beat the kids ( I have seen it happen on other teams). Sportsmanship is important, and working hard and having fun are key!!
Monkey up to bat, poor kid gets walked a lot because he is a left handed batter and it throws the pitchers off! These kids are only in their second season of kid pitch!
 I have started crafting again. Unfortunately, the crafting was very spur of the moment and like a dummy I forgot to take pictures.  Just trust me when I say that I have a new picture frame turned spring wreath hanging on my front door!  Baby Boogie even has a new lamp sitting on her dresser that matches the bedding I made for her, I used the scraps to make fabric flowers!  Trust me! I may even take some pictures and edit this post at a later time, with the pictures, in case you don't believe me.  You do believe me right?!?!
So that is where I was, what I was doing and no I never forgot about the Blog I meant to come back to it a long time ago.  I have a lot of plans for this blog that I am working toward and even hope to have an amazing new post up in the next few days.  So if you stuck around in my absence, found me in my silence, or just clicked the wrong button...Keep a weather eye on the horizon I have much in store for you!!

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