Monday, October 29, 2012

Kids Say The Darndest Things....

How many times have you heard that saying? Better many times have you told someone else about kids saying the darnedest things when your child has said something? Said something that embarrassed you so much you wanted to just magically become an ostrich and hide your head in the sand?  So we mommies know that you NEVER know what is about to fly out of that tiny humans mouth!  There is no filtering system in children's heads, straight from brain to mouth!  What about a mommies mouth, is there a filter...sometimes, maybe, never?

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Write a list of 10 things you have said to your kids that other moms might not say.

  1. Yes I know that you are playing house right now, but NO you can not marry your sister when you get matter how much you love her!! (Bubby)
  2. Stop fighting with your older brother, he is right, you two are not twins, no matter how many people think you are, they are wrong too!! (Bubby, Babydoll)
  3. Santa's Elves didn't go to college I don't think they know how to make a Playstation 3....maybe you should ask for something else....(Monkey)
  4. Jerm the pots and pans cabinet is ringing, I think that I found your phone! (this one caused by baby Boogie)
  5. I am sure that you are not the only kid in your school or the world with only one mom and one dad, there has to be more out there! (Bubby) yes I know technically Bubby has a biological dad and a daddy,Jerm, but it's a long story, and he thinks he only has one dad! His biological never wanted children and was honest about that, he pays his child support and is signing adoption papers to allow Jerm to adopt Bubby as we speak. So biological dad is a pretty nice guy.
  6. Yes your panties are beautiful, but ladies don't show their panties, no they don't...not even if they are the prettiest panties in the world! (Babydoll)
  7. Why don't you have on matching socks?  What? No ones socks match?? It is the fashion for your socks not to match?!?!?....why didn't you tell me that before, this is great no more matching socks!!!! (Monkey)
  8. Why is it perfectly legal for our kids to hit me and abuse the crap out of me, but I can't abuse them back, we need to write to someone about that! (said this to Jerm after the kids accidentally abused me)
  9. You can have the black controller after I get done playing with the X-Box, you know you have to share with me too! ( Monkey)
  10. Don't eat the dog you little Zombie baby, if your that hungry I will feed you!! (Baby Boogie)
I am sure there are lots more where these come from, but hey I have four kiddos and my mind forgets to remind me to eat sometimes!  What have you heard yourself say that made you think that a white coat and a padded cell may be in your near future?

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  1. Ha! I can so relate to #6, I have two young daughters who love to show me their panties! Your busy life sounds like me!

    1. Yes thank goodness leggings are so fashionable, they have become our best friends with skirts and dresses! Babydoll doesn't like shorts under them but will wear leggings any day! :) All hail us busy slightly crazy mommas!

  2. Oh yes, I can totally relate to #6 too. Had that conversation many times. Aren't leggings one of the best inventions ever?! Thanks for visiting me @ Urban Philly Woman.

    1. Without leggings our little girls would be able to show off those great Barbie, Princess and Tinker Belle panties, even though they are pretty I don't think the whole world needs to see them. Apparently my daughter thinks I have no clue about fashion LOL Thanks for retuning the stopping by train!!

  3. We aren't to panties yet, but she likes to lift her dress/shirt/whatever she's wearing to show her belly button.

    1. My little ones liked to do that too, until I took it as an invitation to poke them in the belly button! Apparently that tickles a lot and they stopped giving me the opportunity to tickle them. :)


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