Monday, September 10, 2012

September Fall Wreath

I made another wreath!  I know that in most places School starts in September, but here it starts on the first week of August.  My August wreath had to be for school starting, so I made my September wreath a fall wreath.  I love Fall, the colors, the weather, the smells, just everything about it!

  • Plain Wreath $1.00
  • Fabric of choice less than a yard scraps will work (found brown fabric in clearance bin $1.00)
  • Fall Leaves (bought 3 packs) $0.97 each
  • I decided not to use the scarecrow (it is now baby boogie's baby)
  • I used a second fabric not pictured here (but it was free, Jerm's old ripped pajama shorts)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Total Cost: $5.00

First I simply ripped the fabric into long strips, I liked the look of the fraying on the edges.  Then I wrapped the fabric around the wreath, gluing at every three or four wraps.  There are detailed pictures of me doing this on my Back to School Wreath Here

     After the wreath is wraped you can start gluing on the leaves.  I devidied the wreath into thirds,
          then layered the leaves in a specific way on each third, this way it looked like they         
          were naturally fallen, but looked cohesive at the same time.

        I made fabric flowers out of Jerm's old pajama pants, just because I really like the fabric,   
           and because baby boogie stole my scarecrow.  Ok I gave her the scarecrow because I   
           thought it would look to big and chunky on the wreath.

I used strips of Jerm's pants to hang the wreath on the door. It isn't the most elaborate wreath out there but I still have tons of leaves left, for another craft, and a lot of the time I think simple looks a lot better!

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