Sunday, September 16, 2012

Halloween Costumes...better get to cracking...

Halloween is right around the corner.  I remember watching movies as a kid, and wondering why the parents in the movies always made the costumes VS buying them.  My mom always bought my costumes, not because she couldn't make them I am pretty sure she could.  I just think she never thought about making them.  She grew up as one of seven children and I was an only spoiled child.  I like the idea of homemade costumes!  Not because I don't want to buy them (with four kiddos it can get expensive) but because I like doing special things for my children.  So some years we buy them, some years we make them, and some years it is a mixture.  It always comes down to what my kids want to be, and can I make that!  This year I have gotten the requests for Wolverine (Bubby) pretty sure I can't make that one, a Black Cat (Babydoll) I am pretty sure I can make that!  Monkey is still thinking, and every time I ask the two year old Boogie I am told no! (while she shakes her finger at me LOL)

Some past Homemade costumes:

Bubby as a Hershey Kiss!  I used a hula hoop(base), silver fabric, pipe cleaners(neckline), a upside down plastic bowl(hat), more pipe cleaners(hat) and a fruit by the foot wrapper(paper from the hat)
He wore a black turtle neck and black sweat pants under.  He loved wearing it every time he tried it on, but Halloween night it wasn't worn for long, he was in a bad mood that night and wasn't even up for too much trick or treating, oh well I was proud!

Monkey as "the Walking Dead"  We used a too short old pair of jeans, and old too small holey shirt and old shoes.  I used a mixture of red, orange, brown, and black paint to look like blood.  We ripped up everything and (while the paint was still wet) I took the clothes outside stomped them in some dirt, and dragged them through the grass.  We used Halloween face paint and a little of my own make up to do his face and arms, whole thing cost me the $2.00 for the makeup everything else was on hand!  I loved how it turned out!

Some of my Favorite Store Bought Costumes:

In the kids movie "Shrek"  The Donkey and Dragon have babies, they are called Dronkies, we like to refer to them as Dragasses :)  We found Bubby the "Dronky"  costume online for a little under $15.00.  It was too cute to pass up!  It is still one of my favorite costumes ever!

This costume of the baby Skunk was borrowed from my niece.  She wore the costume the year before, I just loved how cute baby Boogie looked as a Skunk and the tail was adorable too.  It also didn't hurt that it cost me a big fat nothing! :)

I colud have made that:

Until last year Babydoll had gone Trick or Treating with her mom ( so I don't have any Halloween pictures other than this one)  Halloween always fell on one of her three days.  Last year Halloween fell on one of our four days.  Jerm and his ex wife celebrate the holidays on "whoever has that day"  Christmas, Birthday Party, and Thanksgiving are shared.  It's really hard to explain, but his ex and I get a long fantastic she has become one of my best friends.  The Holidays are becoming more of a shared event, his ex and her boyfriend are always invited to our house to celebrate and we all get a long fine.  This is the costume Babydoll wore last year, I so should have made this I bet I could have saved Babydoll's grandma $20.00 it is just a tutu dress and some wings LOL

Ideas for this year:

Idea for Babydoll!

Idea for baby Boogie!

Idea for Bubby, might be able to make this somehow!

I have no ideas for Monkey at the moment, and neither does he, oh well we will figure it out!

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